Tuesday, May 10, 2016

in series

On behalf of The Synthesis, I'm happy to announce the release of a new book, in series

in series comprises three short books: in here, in vivo, and in peace. in here, first published by Monkey Puzzle Press in 2013, is a collection of short anti-memoirs. Each of the pieces in in here attempts to do memoir while inverting one of the assumptions of the form. For example, one section is written from other people's points of view; one is written by an "I" that looks out but cannot look in to reflect; another is a collage of previous writing about other subjects.

in vivo follows in here in working against form. But instead of short pieces, it challenges one idea throughout the text. That idea is that memoir must be written in hindsight. Spanning the fall of 2013 through the spring of 2014, in vivo is a forward-facing memoir.

in peace includes fragments, notes, sketches, photographs, and other miscellanea that were produced somewhere off in the margins of in here and in vivo. Drawn posthumously from The Synthesis's papers, it constitutes the final work of The Synthesis, the narrator of in series.

in series is available at all Espresso Book Machines. Visit one of these machines (list of locations here) and you can watch the book be printed and bound. If there isn't an Espresso Book Machine near you, you can order in series from Powell's by calling 503-802-0572 or emailing POD@Powells.com.

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