Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Unspeakable Horror of Mike Vick

In the twenty-one months Mike Vick was away from work—
where he was lauded and remunerated exorbitantly
for the aggression and focused violence that will most likely
shorten both the quality and duration of
his life—
and imprisoned for promoting the aggression and focused violence
that did shorten the lives of several
fifteen billion chickens were born
in American factories eager
to utilize modern technology to
maximize yield and increase margins
which is fine because chickens are stupid
and don’t know that being debeaked
is painful
or that their wings are supposed to open
or that there’s a world behind their eyes,
and there’s no limit to growth
because when the birds of prey have their habitats
replaced by factories
we’ll just put the falcons and eagles in zoos
and people will pay money for the right to gawk and
ask if Mike Vick has learned his lesson about cruelty.

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